Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Over the past 17 years, Mascot has successfully partnered with the leading players in global pharmaceutical and biotech industry across a wide range of challenging programs, from discovery to supply of complex development compounds. We have successfully collaborated with 7 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical and biotech companies offering boutique as well as integrated services.

We also have clients from small pharmaceutical, virtual and startup biotech companies.

Mascot provides multi-disciplinary skills in integrated drug discovery and development, with capabilities in medicinal chemistry, biology, in vivo pharmacology, toxicology, custom synthesis, process R&D, cGMP manufacturing and formulation development for both small and large molecules. Our subsidiary Clinigene, addresses the clinical requirements of pharma/ biotech companies.

We offer the following services in discovery and development for both small and large molecules:

For Small Molecules

For Large Molecules

Discovery Development
Medicinal Chemistry
Library Synthesis
Peptide Synthesis
CADD & Structural Biology
Reagent Generation
Assay Biology
In-vivo Pharmacology
Exploratory Tox
Process R&D
Formulation Development
Custom Manufacturing
CADD & Structural Biology
IND enabling pharm tox studies with BA
Clinical Supply Manufacturing
Analytical/Stability studies
Quality & Regulatory
FIH/ MAD studies (Clinigene)
Molecular Biology
Protein Sciences
Antibody Generation
Cell Line Generation
Assay Biology
PK Studies
In vivo biology
Clone Development
Process Development
Formulation Development
cGMP Manufacturing
Analytical & Quality Control
Process Characterization
Stability Studies
Immunogenicity Testing
Quality & Regulatory