Mascot expert team research that cytotoxic drug or cytotoxicity assay contained T lymphocytes and natural killer cells are protect human body from the cancer cells(virus) & Kill, damage cancer cells or stop growing and multiplying cancer cells. Different cytotoxic drug or assay work in different way. However, they all tend to work by interfering with some aspect of how the cells divide and multiply. For example, some work by affecting the genetic material of the cell directly; others work by blocking cells from using nutrients needed to divide and multiply.

Some cytotoxic drug are also used for chemotherapy as well as There are many different cytotoxic Drugt used in the treatment of cancer. Cytotoxic drug work best in cancers where the cancer cells are growing and multiplying cancer cells. However, Cytotoxic drug can affect all cells some normal cells in the human body multiply quite rapidly. For example,

Hair cells.
Bone marrow cells.
Cells lining the mouth and gut.
Cells from the gastrointestinal tract.

Cytotoxic drug cannot distinguish between normal and malignant cells, although normal cells have a greater capacity for repair. Cytotoxic drugs act by interfering with cell division, but as this action is not specific to tumour cells, normal cells may also be damaged ,many cytotoxic drugs are also known as


Presently cytotoxic drug & cytotoxicity assay is the newly research compound which is widely used in pharmaceutical & this compound will helpful for the growth of pharmaceutical, biological industry. Mascot Life Sciences have expert team for the developed of cytotoxic compound & also have cGMP. Cytotoxic drugs Production facilities in batch sizes grams to multi-kg.